Sunday 30 June 2013

operating principles

  1. To establish regular meet-ups that share and develop interests concerning 3D printing.
  2. Members are encouraged to develop commercial interests in parallel with #3DPM
  3. #3DPM encourages the cross-pollination of ideas and development of expertise not bound by commercial interest.
  4. To establish a modest operating fund; paid for by all members to cover costs of meeting places, communication and group projects; transparent and openly accountable to all members.
  5. #3DPM seeks to bring together in one venue enough printers and resources for members to explore ideas, learn skills; and to develop the venue as a permanent 3D printing resource and local forum of exchange.
  6. To actively promote #3DPM, members are encouraged to post content and links directly and indirectly related to 3D printing.
  7. To develop #3DPM as a professional charitable organisation with lobbying strength to further the group aims in 3D printing.
  8. Members will periodically (at least every year), democratically review #3DPM operating principles, expenses, procedures, rules, organisation and codes of practice.

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