It should go without saying that none of the jobs advertised here are payed !

Your reward will be to know you are doing your bit for a noble cause :-)

Our current vacancies are for: 

Members/3D Pioneers

We are looking for team orientated, enthusiastic individuals, who want to know more about 3D printing and its potential; and maybe get involved in projects that could generate income to support the club and its charitable purpose.

Interested? ... Then come along to one of our events and get introduced to our world of #3DPrinting :-)

An Organiser:

We are looking for a person or maybe two but the maximum is probably three;  to come forward to help us run the meetings and build up the membership. If you really really want to help and think you are up to the job then tell us!

Interested? ... Then please send in the usual details and what you want to bring to the club!

We currently lack the resources for an efficient and highly responsive administration service to handle a lot of correspondence and to answer quickly, if at all,  but maybe you could change that?

We have to say our decision is final but we very much appreciate your effort.
Please call in to check us out. see 3D printing in action and have a chat :-)


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