Thursday 22 January 2015

There is more to 3D printing than just 3D printing!

"The 3D Printer will do for manufacturing what the PC did for computing"

We are here to spread the word and provide knowledge to those who will listen.

There are many discussion groups around that focus on the subject of #3DPrinting but our group is based in Manchester for Manchester! of course we are including everybody who lives in Greater Manchester and the surrounding World.

Harnessing the The Wisdom of Crowds is what we are about. The President of the USA thinks 3D Printing is important enough to give it a mention in his previous 'State of the Nation' speech, maybe our government, and you, should also take this technology a bit more seriously.

It is not unusual for humanity to experience monumental changes to its culture and way of life, but the scale of change being unleashed at this very moment defies superlatives.

We are on the cusp of an age of the "intelligent machine". We already have the brain "The Internet" being nurtured and fed our collective knowledge and understanding via the world wide web; like ants who feed the queen and do its beckoning for the good of the colony.

We now have machines that can potentially make anything, and as we link this up with artificial intelligence, which has access to the vast suppository of the web, machines can then have their independence. What then?

This is not fiction, it is happening. Are you not at least curious as to know how we should influence the outcome?

The three laws you joke!
Have you seen "I Robot" ?

It all boils down to who has the control. Usually it is those who are better organised, like governments and corporations; but do they work in their best interests or ours? Well you know the answer to that question. However, we the little people, can influence our masters when we get together behind a cause; remember "Je suis Charlie" ?

You should be clever enough to work the rest out for yourself, unless tv and social media has addled the brain.

Join the cause, spread awareness and help create more high tech jobs here in the North West.

Make Machines our Allies not our Masters.

Let's hope destiny is kind to us all.


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