Tuesday 12 August 2014

If it’s not broken, break it...

Isaac asked if we could give him a mention, so we will!
His website is here http://teambudmen.com/
I have put more info in the comments :-)

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  1. Hello 3D Print Group,

    I have the pleasure to share with you a press release about a wonderful 3D printing work (see attached file at http://goo.gl/qwiVZI ).

    It’s an art collection called “Pine Cone” designed by the artist Isaac Budmen. The idea behind that project is to capture the beauty of nature and transpose it into housewares that can be 3D printed by everyone. The three designs have been crafted for desktop fabrication and are exclusively available for digital download at Cults, the French marketplace of 3D files: http://cults3d.com

    Isaac Budmen is an artist, designer and lifelong inventor. He is also the author of “The Book on 3D Printing” and he is working with the Metropolitan Museum's Digital Media Lab. You can discover all his projects here: http://teambudmen.com

    We are hoping this project will catch your attention and makes you want to write an article on your great website!

    If you need any further additional info, please let us know.

    Thank you and happy reading!

    Hugo // co-founder


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