Tuesday 14 October 2014

One Giant Leap for MANC-kind

The Manchester Space Programme has successfully launched and retrieved it's first un-manned space probe #DOGE1. The launch vehicle suffered catastrophic damage as it reached the outer limits of the earths atmosphere and exploded. Fortunately the flight safety systems deployed to return the delicate on-board scientific equipment to earth; where it is was recovered by the ground crew who had tracked the re-entry vehicle to a field close to the Humber estuary. The project was an undeniable success and more will follow, maybe a few more HABs (High Altitude Balloons) for research and then we get to play with proper rockets :-)


   The date and time were not set correctly on the camera, but who cares WOW :-)

Meanwhile at Launch Control - The @mcrspaceprog team looking up at the sky at the just launched space vehicle...

Picture by Tim Nash ‏@tnash  Oct 13 2014

Go to our website for more information about the Manchester Space Programme and how you can get involved http://www.manchesterspaceprogramme.org/ and follow us on twitter @mcrspaceprog

PS: Some of the components used were 3D printed :-)

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