Monday 15 July 2013


#3DPM will start its meetups at our (hopefully!) permanent new home at Manchester Digital Laboratory, known as 'MadLab' (

We've got meetings at 7pm on Monday the 22nd and 29th of July. This should carry on weekly.  We have these two weeks and MadLab wants us to go fortnightly, but this depends on members attendance. The more people attend, the more we get out of the meetings, and the more chance we have of MadLab giving us a coveted weekly spot. We're already one above everyone else getting fortnightly spots!

In the mean time, we're at MDDA on the 17th of July at 7pm (as detailed on an earlier post), and we're going to meet to discuss and get on with some actual 3D printing projects. Get your thinking caps on and tell us all what you'd like to see happen, and what you'd like to get involved in.

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