Monday 1 July 2013

whats happenin'

Hi everyone,

After a great couple of meetings, I'd like to keep us all together and take us forward.  I hope you've had a look at the operating principles for an established 3D printing group in Manchester (first post in this blog!).  The hope is that this will allow us as a group to stay together, contributing either socially, commercially or both; on a regular basis.

In summary what we'd like to start is a group that meets once a week, creating a central core of hobbyist and socially minded people from myriad backgrounds to get their hands on 3D printers, so we can experiment.  Side by side, strengthening this solid core group, will be encouragement for everyone's commercial endeavours. This would make us a strong group, with access to all sorts of 3D printed things from expertise and tips, to fully fabricated 3D products, and 3D print services; for the world to see!

To this end, we need people to volunteer their 3d printers and control computers, their graphics skills, their time for admin or anything they feel they can contribute towards an initial meeting of #3DPM (3D Print group - Manchester).  The notional next meeting date is the 10th of July, a Wednesday evening. We're trying to organise a venue which will hold us all, and will allow us to become a weekly permanent fixture without bankrupting the group. Again, if you've any ideas of where don't hesitate to jump in! will be closing down soon, as its a paid-for site.  We've set up a blogger site, a twitter account, and an email account (links at the bottom). Feel free to email us your intention to come to the next meeting, your opinions, whether you can contribute your help or printer for the evening, anything at all! We'd also like anything you'd like to post on the blogger site, be they adverts or just text posts of comment or pics of things you've made.

Let's get this going people! #3DPM!


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