Thursday 19 September 2013

MeetUp at MadLab Reminder! Mon 26/Sep/13

Just a quick reminder of our next meeting on Monday 26/Sep/13 and the reasons why we are doing this. Also, Sam you need to put a link/message at the top of this blog :-) for easy access to information about our events!

FYI: see

Our Operating Principles     

1. To establish regular meet-ups that share and develop interests concerning 3D printing.
2. #3DPM encourages the cross-pollination of ideas and development of expertise not bound by commercial interest.
3. To establish a modest operating fund; paid for by all members to cover costs of meeting places, communication and group projects; transparent and openly accountable to all members.
4. #3DPM seeks to bring together in one venue enough printers and resources for members to explore ideas, learn skills; and to develop the venue as a permanent 3D printing resource and local forum of exchange.
5. To actively promote #3DPM, members are encouraged to post content and links directly and indirectly related to 3D printing.
6. To develop #3DPM as a professional charitable organisation with lobbying strength to further the network aims in 3D printing.
7. Members will periodically (at least every year), democratically review #3DPM operating principles, expenses, procedures, rules, organisation, codes of practice, and other issues.


  1. Hi, Is it ok to come along to the sessions even if you have no previous 3d printing experience?


  2. Hi Kathryn, the next meeting is on the 28th of October from 6pm. Anyone and everyone is free to attend whether experienced or not!

  3. Do I need to have any software or laptop. Thanks k

  4. If you can bring a laptop or PC (one of our members brings a iMac with them) with free CAD software such as sketchup Make or cad 123d from autodesk installed; it will give you the option to get involved with anything that takes your fancy on the night. Don't hesitate to email us at or comment here if you have anymore questions.


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