Monday 30 September 2013

Twenty First Century Manufacturing Renaissance

#3DPM the #3DPrinting network of Manchester is pioneering the early twenty first century manufacturing renaissance. Why? Because we care and want to, and we have a viable strategy to make things happen.

For too long our mealy mouthed political leaders have sold the country short, wrecking the economy by corrupting our money, buying votes with debt rather than investing in its future.  Fortunately we have been gifted with the power of the internet, and before this asset is also stripped and access denied to all but the privileged few. We will use it to liberate technology for the masses; to build a better future from the ground up.

3D Printing is doing great things and has the potential to change all our lives for the better. Together we are spreading awareness and explaining the realities of this technology; and helping our pioneering members’ gain skills and get access to 3D tools; for personal edification and if inclined to, to develop 3D printing as part of their business ventures. The future is bright, the future is 3D.  

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