Tuesday 15 October 2013

Next Meeting at MadLab Monday 11th November!

Our pioneers are getting more ambitious now they are understanding what #3DPrinting is really about.
This time we are going to have a Xmas theme and print decorations you guys design or find on the internet, as well as the usual activities.

Come along anyway, and if you can bring a laptop with Google Sketch-up installed. We're now a space for designing and optimising your 3D print designs and finished items, and a general forum of 3D printer advice and exchange!

#3DPM is in the process of being officially recognised as a charity and we have already helped build new businesses. #3DPM is setup to inform and motivate local Manchester companies, schools and individuals to develop their interests in this technology.

We are Manchester's centre of excellence for all things #3DPrinting. We are the real deal, real people with real ideas! So if you are looking to get involved you are welcome to join us.

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