Monday 16 December 2013

#3DPM@FACT Liverpool 7th & 14th of December 2013

3D printing continues to impress no matter where we go, visibly lighting up peoples faces, be they 7 or 70 years old; and it's truly rewarding.  We at #3DPM want to take it further. We don't want to wait for the schools to integrate 3D printing into the school's curriculum, then ten years down the line watch former students begin the revolution for their generation.  We want it to happen now!

Vive la revolution!

#3DPM has developed and run a 'free at point of contact' workshops for children and families to develop the thought and imagination process required to turn your ideas into 3D printed articles.  #3DPM's first workshop did this by allowing people to draw items related to a theme, taking that idea through the design process; then moving on to the chance to have your design printed.

How to bond families with 3D design

The essence of the workshop? To plant the seed of a child-like curiosity and imagination.  Yes, the workshop participants may hit the limits of current technology, but we must instil the notion that anything may soon be possible to fully realise the 3D printing revolution.  These limits will dissipate as the technology and design tools improve, but the imagination process remains and flourishes.

Mark and I worked with Anna at FACT to deliver two workshops to the general public and one to a group of veterans through 'Help for Heroes'.  With the help of Keith and Joanna we delivered the workshops with a lot of positive feedback.  We had so many people turn up, we had people turn up the second week to try it again and see their designs they did at home (after sampling Sketchup the first week).

FACT have asked us back to work on new projects in the new year and in 2015, so we'll be back in Liverpool soon. You'll also see news of new workshops and courses in the new year.  So, this is definitely us in terms of events for 2013! We've a few more blog posts to come - in particular the interview with Michiel van der Kley! So keep coming back to check us out, merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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