Friday 13 December 2013

BCP Labs & #3DPM at the South Manchester Radio & Computing Club

Last night #3DPM in collaboration with BCP Labs, found itself giving a talk about 3D Printing to the South Manchester Radio and Computer Club (SMRCC).  Dave and Bill (Erstwhile members of the SMRCC) had booked us to give a talk and demonstration, months ago, and they had the dubious honour of being the first to ask us to do so.

Keith setting up with Mark and half (just half!!) the SMRCC looking on!

Mark, Keith, new-member Joanna, and myself went along with two BCP-01 FFF/FDM-like 3D printers, went along to talk, answer questions and show off 3D printed items.

A BCP Labs 01 FFF 3D printer and a 3D printed bust of Barbirolli from the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester
Around 30 members of the SMRCC turned up, and we were told that they had one of the most enthusiastically received talks and demo's in recent meetings.  A great time was had by all, and lots of interest was garnered.

SMRCC old guard & committee flanked by a BCP 01
Watch this space for future co-run meetings between #3DPM and SMRCC sponsored by BCP Labs.

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