Thursday 20 February 2014

#3DPM@MadLab 24th January 2014

Welcome back 3D printing vultures! Another group night at MadLab has come and gone, and another night where we were rushed off our feet by the people who were looking to satisfy their lust for additive manufacture.
BCP Labs 01 3D Printer

We had a great time with the hardware sessions covered by BCP Labs providing their 01, Joanna providing design advice to the advanced product designers; and interested groups looking for advice as to how to integrate 3D printing into their endeavours.

Joanna working through design ideas!
Regular group member, Martin, came by looking for #3DPM help to commercialise his new scanning and printing business. He's developed an efficient workflow to build his scanned models, reducing how long it takes to get good likenesses; and also reducing the difficulties in printing.  We'll be working with him, and as time goes by we'll be reporting on how he's getting on!

Martin advising another would be entrepreneur!
We also got to speak to another couple of groups looking to bring 3D printing into their own social enterprise and commercial endeavours - projects we can't talk about until the participants are ready.

We're next at FabLab Manchester on the 20th February 6pm to 9pm! See us there!

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