Tuesday 11 February 2014

3D Scanner and Expertise required. Can you Help?

Hi Everybody,

We need a very good 3D scanner to image blind people after they have raced around in one of Mike's dual controlled racing cars (Mike Newman holds the land and sea, speed records for a blind person).

Can you help or know someone who can?

I hope to get enough people to come together with complementary expertise, to develop 3D scanning in a collaborative project, that will ultimately lead onto further business opportunities.


Mark Concannon aka 'Mark the #3DPrinter' :-)



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  1. Your response has been great :-)
    Please keep sending in your ideas and contacts, and together we will crowd source a solution to this issue!

    Getting access to a good 3D scanning service, is going to help the 'Speed of Site' charity no end; and open up #3DPM and its members to a ton of opportunities!

    Thanks Again :-)

    PS: You could also post you ideas here, if you want? But please keep them coming in either way :-)


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