Friday 31 January 2014

#3DPM & ProjectEGG 2014 update!

Late last year, #3DPM and ProjectEGG began a partnership founded on shared ideals. Michiel van der Kley gave us our inaugural end of year interview with a mover and shaker in 3D printing. It's still there, and what he had to say still resonates even weeks after he gave the interview.

'Lord' Terry Yeung of Oxford - we salute you!
3D Printing Network received it's first stone today, as official U.K. hub for ProjectEGG. We're ready to receive more! Keep them coming!

A rainy day here but stone 2876 looks amazing!
Terry Yeung from Oxford gets a special mention from us here at 3D Printing Network for being the first. Perhaps he'd like to talk to us about starting up 3D Printing Network - Oxford? :)


  1. Great informative post. Love to see your post very much. A big thanks for sharing with us !!

  2. Fantastic photos collection looking so nice !!


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