Tuesday 21 January 2014

#3DPM@MadLab on 13th January 2014

So here we are, 2014 and less than a year old, and #3DPM is going from strength to strength! This year we'll have interviews with 3D food printers, meetings at FabLab, MadLab and the development of an all new Entrepreneurship programme in collaboration with JWRetailers and BCP Labs.  We're developing new courses and workshops for #3DPM members and the public, developing new businesses through our expanding members and their interests. Even more exciting, #3DPM is developing 3D printing public interest outside the north west of the U.K. with London and the south-west in our sights! WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

New members working on their ideas..BCP-01 at the ready to realise their expression!

We had our first meeting of the year at MadLab on the 13th of January, and I readily admit to wondering whether the events of 2013 were real, and whether anyone remembered us in 2014. I'm glad to report that we had lots of newbies, especially from the South Manchester Radio and Computing Club but also from FabLab.  This reflected just what our Network nights are all about, people from different backgrounds reaching common ground through 3D printing.

Sketchup 'Baby-Steps' workshop and 3D printer technology discussion forum

This year we're planning on offering more structured introduction workshops, and tutorials and projects to learn aspects of 3D printing.  This session we started new members off on setting their laptops up right for Sketchup and NettFab. The 3D printing technology group got an introduction in how designs were translated into G-code and printed out.

3D printing with a BCP-01 from our first spin-out BCP Labs

Three hours went very quickly indeed, and helped Mark, Keith, Joanna and I exactly what people wanted from #3DPM this year - more things to do! Your wishes are granted..we've got more meetings, so eventually there will be one every week. We'll let you all know as we do!

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