Tuesday 28 January 2014

Charitable Purpose Tweaked

Let us know if it is not worded correctly or if it needs improving or more clarity...

Charitable Purpose

   1. #3DPM is a Club ... to network, to crowd source, to do business, to meet, etc.

   2. #3DPM is about #LeanTraining ... to get guidance and information, as quickly as possible.

   3. #3DPM is about Facilities ... for entertainment, for product fabrication, for business, etc.

Our aim is to encourage and assist any motivated #3DPrinting pioneer, young and old, to create and grow their own profitable enterprise and make the process a sociable, supportive and meaningful activity; the three main components that are the foundation for this initiative are: The Club, #LeanTraining and Facilities.

Our strategy is to rethink the meaning of what business really is and for; and show that it is important to define it as process everybody does, to survive and thrive. We also demonstrate that by organising communities around specific ideas, businesses can be manufactured as if on a production line. The rules are already well understood; but this knowledge isn’t evenly distributed, and we aim to change this. #3DPM is focusing on 3D printing; its growth potential is phenomenal so competition will not be an inhibitor for long while, making collaborations easier.

A general outline of #3DPM, is a community of self help enthusiasts, who are interested in developing and promoting 3D printing for their own edification or commercial interests in their own geographic locations. It is a freemium based charitable organisation, where members can grow their knowledge and activities; and are expected to contribute to the community's growth and well being in any way they can; money if possible (and it is needed), but time, knowledge and resources, if appropriate, are also important and acceptable.

We are expanding the #3DPrinting Network !
So please contact us if you would like to know more.

#3DPM charitable purpose...

1. #3DPM is self help community focusing on 3D printing and its peripheral activities; it is open to anyone who is prepared to accept its operating principles, in the spirit by which they are intended to be applied.

2. #3DPM helps its members develop their individual and group skills, towards building profitable 3D printing or related businesses; or for personal or group development; or for recreational needs.

3. #3DPM aims, via its membership, to provide continually improving facilities, processes and resources, for its members.

4. #3DPM encourages learning and provides learning materials to help its members fulfill their 3D ambitions; it spreads awareness of 3D printing capabilities and requirements.

5. #3DPM is a hub to attract and distribute 3D printing related expertise and resources; and link diverse groups of private enthusiasts, businesses, academia, governing bodies, entrepreneurial activities and funding sources.

6. #3DPM aims to use crowd sourcing and research, to develop 3D printing and its applications; as open source technology for the benefit of #3DPM and wider community.

7. #3DPM particularly is to help schools and young people develop new businesses around 3D printing and encourage the mature and experience members of society to get involved to help.

8. #3DPM is to promote its charitable aims; maintain a primary blog 3dprintgroup.blogspot.co.uk ; grow its membership; and encourage its members to find purpose and satisfaction in the pursuit of knowledge, art and science, of making things and helping others.

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