Wednesday 29 January 2014

Mark is also a StartUp Brew ‘Startupian’

Although I turned up late cursing public transport and the state of the roads, it was great to arrive with enough time to be part of the StartUp Brew meetup organised by TechHub’s Shaun Gibson.

My intention was to talk with ‘TechHub Phil’ and ‘Gigabyte Gavin’ about 3D scanning and filament manufacturing; I didn't. However, I was fortunate to meet other fellow startupians and engage with them in the pursuit of business enlightenment; and for myself promote the noble art of #3DPrinting.

This day’s interaction was very fruitful and I introduced myself as ‘Mark the #3DPrinter’ it usually gets a response; for ‘Designer Ian’ it was a case of initial befuddlement; when he realised I wasn't a complete idiot, then followed an informative discussion about our projects, or maybe he was just humouring me. I didn't quite answer his last question about "how big can a 3D printer print?", because this is where ‘Mark Solicitor Smith’ came into conversation to hurriedly leave for another appointment.

 ‘Eee builder (Ewere)’ was interested in setting up an online business my talk of a concrete 3D printer didn’t quite connect with his plans, but he said he would check out the ‘#3DPrinting Network Manchester’ or #3DPM as we like to abbreviate.

Now ‘Salford Kelly’ is an interesting character she is looking for work placements and projects for university students, this line of inquiry was leading somewhere and it had a positive vibe we could follow up. ‘Crossword Anna’ interjected with news about a 3D printed skyscraper and ‘Helen the Hatter’ has web development skills that would be useful in promoting the businesses created by our ‘Pioneers of #3DPrinting’.

I was ready to go but then fortunate to meet ‘Caroline the SEO Equestrian’ and ‘Young Bearded Guy I forgot the name of’; sorry I will remember it next time. Uncle John collared me and is going to send me an email about what’s happening in the northern quarter and ‘Film Maker Prince not the Singer’ is hooking me up with a ‘Lady Printer’.

I left business cards and instructions about how they could contact #3DPM – the #3DPrinting Network Manchester; I didn’t mention my fellow cohorts: ‘Doctor Sam’, ‘Keith aka Fingers’ and ‘Joanna our Product Designa’ but I did mention

Oops nearly forgot 'Sherlock Una' but more about her later.

Until next time, this is ‘Mark the #3DPrinter’ signing off for now :-)

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