Wednesday 26 March 2014

We are making #3DPM sustainable!

Our meetup at MadLab last Monday 24/Mar/2014 was soon after the Fab Lab meeting and it was a chance to get into some of the nitty-gritty of SketchUp the free CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) package; that we encourage beginners to 3D printing to use, which can be very frustrating for newbie’s, until they learn the ‘Tricks of the Trade’.

Further discussions were had about how we as a group can make #3DPM a sustainable organisation.
Up to now we have been able to sustain ourselves with Voluntary and Charitable help, and we whole heartedly thank everyone who has made our journey possible and a great experience.

We are in a good position to phase in new income streams to invest in equipment and cover expenses, so that we not only make sure we survive, but are also able extend our important work to make ‘3D printing and Business creation accessible’.

The membership is already making important contributions and guiding how #3DPM operates and does its business; we need more of the same. #3DPM belongs to its members and membership comes with desirable obligations.

The co-founders of #3DPM have been guiding this project and will continue to do so until #3DPM is self sustaining and takes charge of itself, this should be very soon while we continue at our current pace of development.

To continue on our destination of sustainability, it was decided as ‘homework’ to do some research on products we can manufacture and trade on behalf of the club, to begin an income stream. This was enthusiastically discussed and will be developed further at future meetups.

So stay tune for more updates, coming shortly J

PS: The picture was added for a bit of colour and has no relevance to the article. By the way can you spot the "deliberate" mistake? J


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