Saturday 29 March 2014

What if .. you could change the world with #3DPrinting?

What if you want to make something?

And need space to build it?
And need the tools to build it?
And need skills, help and guidance?
And all you do is think and procrastinate?

What if you want to do something?

That is interesting or useful?
That will give meaning to your life?
That will help others you care about?
That will help you create an income stream to pay some bills or finance a holiday?

What if you had no idea what to do or make?

Would you look around for inspiration?
Would you help others develop their ideas?

What if there was a club, where you could?

Where there is space for you to use!
Where there are tools available!
Where there is help and support for your project!
Where there is the training you need when you need it!
Where there are people, you can be inspired by!
Where it is organised, supervised and friendly!
Where you belong and can help others!
What if you could also create an income!

What if this was possible?

Would you join the club?
Would you help create the club?

What if you have doubt about if this was possible?

How would you be convinced?
Would it be worth convincing you?

What if we redefined business?

What if business is what we all must do to survive and thrive?

We can then say cooking, cleaning, eating, sleeping, partying is our business!
We can then say when a baby screams its head off for its mothers attention, that's its business!
We can then say when children go to school, to play and learn; that is their business!
We can then say health care workers are doing business keeping the nation healthy!
We can recognise we need to interact with others to get what we need and want!
We can recognise very few of these interactions require 'money' to perform!

What if we can free our thinking about how 'business' operates in our society?

What if we can do 'business' better?
What if jobs that are not 'profitable' in the current system can be made 'profitable' in another?
What if we can maximise the potential of our citizens, by organising differently?
What if profits are distributed more fairly?

What if we do 'business' like we do 'football academies'?

We could get the children involved at an early stage!
We could get the Mums and Dads (older folk) involved helping them out!
We could provide the equipment, training facilities and places to play!
We can invite star players in to inspire and advise!
We can organise training sessions and work on new skills!
We can organise teams with complementary skill-sets, such as:
for the striker there is the sales guy;
for mid fielders there are the designers and makers;
for defense we have researchers and developers;
for goal keeping maybe an accountant or solicitor!

The goal is to make a profit, more goals more profit!

We can have the fans as customers the more we have the bigger the market!
And fans often play football!

We can have kick-a-bouts for fun!
Play semi-professional and set up a micro-business!
Go Pro and work our way up through the league tables until we are in the premiership!
We can make business creation diverse and accessible!

What if those successful teams/businesses paid premium membership fees for better service and were encouraged to returned some of their profits back into the academy to help new players start up?

 We would be self sustaining!
 We could become independent from state help :-)

What if we link up the universities and other training organisations to provide the best knowledge and advice appropriate to our players needs, when they most need it?

  •     Like when a pilot of a plane has a heart attack and a passenger steps in to fly and land the plane safely with instructions from ground control!
  •     Like when a paramedic in the field, is being advised by doctors based at a distant hospital!
  •     Like when a driving instructor is teaching a novice driver!

What if we can create new businesses in a weekend and keep doing so like a production line?

Checkout this website ... ("Build-A-Business-In-48-Hours")

What if we already know this is all possible?
Then why has it not happened yet?

First: everything has to start somewhere!

Second: it sort of does happen and it has been happening for thousands of years!

Most of us are so far removed from roots of what we really need to do to live,
                we tend to forget the basics, for example, growing food.

Think of a medieval village, the community would be guided by their natural                                     amenities/resources, such as the landscape, water supply, rivers,
                forests, climate, animals, etc.

Different authorities (Church, Land owners, merchants, stone masons, etc) would influence and                     organise individuals who made up the community;
                invariably to maximise the benefit to their own causes.

The basic needs of the community vary little, everybody needs food, clothing, shelter
                and as the tasks required to satisfy theses needs were made more efficient other
                wants could be persued and satisfied, such as Art!
                Check out "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs".

At the centre of the village people would come from far and wide to trade, exchange ideas,
                drink and be merry at the local tavern, setup a market or fair.
                Specialists such as blacksmiths would shoe horses, coopers make barrels, etc

  Third:  we didn't have the internet we have now! We have operated in a global economy for hundreds of years and corresponded ideas and knowledge to communities around the world using the royal mail, which is so pitifully slow compared to what we have now.

And Fourth: there is a lot of work to do to make a 'Football Academy for Business'!
So who would profit by building one and how?

By building a 'Football Academy for Business' we are opening up the possibilities of how business can be created more easily and be operated; its the same pattern that other systems have been subjected to, for example: our means of communications, entertainment, food production, transport and more! It is just a natural process of striving for efficiency, removing waste and improvement; there are higher forces at work here and we need to work with them or risk being in conflict with them.

By building a 'Football Academy for Business' requires people who understand why it is needed and have the passion to make it happen! Most of us can learn new skills and multitask, but its better done with the support from others; after all that is how we have evolved.

Therefore... Dear Reader, we need your help to influence the powers that be, who control the money supply and everything else! And together let us overcome the barriers that are preventing us stepping up to a better life for ourselves, our children and our communities.

We need "Football Academies for Business"
and a Good Name maybe like FooBA - Football Business Academy ??  :-)

Thank You and Best Regards

Mark Concannon aka 'Mark the #3DPrinter' :-)

#3DPM © 2014

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