Friday 4 April 2014

Next Meeting is at MadLab (April 14th 2014 6-9pm)

See Meetings & Events page for location details

Plans are being put in place for MadLab to acquire its own 3D printers and CAD enabled computers in the not too distant future, rather than Mark and Keith having to lug in their own kit and risk damaging it every time a meeting is held.

This requires finding the funding. It would help the cause, if we (#3DPM) put forward some ideas to help justify it, so this will be discussed at some point; it is possible we can merge our group's needs with those of other groups.

The #3DPM club needs to become self sustaining and we have already come up with some very good ideas to make this happen.

The #3DPM club needs to begin growing its membership which is "freemium" based, and that means it is initially free to those with little money or just curious, they can turn up and have a look at what is going on; except they will have to pay for tea, coffee and biscuits if they want them.

Membership will become more formalised as we progress and it will require everybody to contribute in some way. The best way is for the club to generate an income and that means the members develop their business ideas with the clubs help to create an income for themselves; so they can pay the club and maybe make themselves a profit. This seems to be a good strategy to help us achieve our aims; and will be discussed further.

We now have a working infrastructure we can all use, we have tested and proved the concepts.
We now need more people to get involved so we can grow as an organisation.

Can you help?
If you can just let yourselves be known at our meetings
Thank you :-)

FYI: We had a fantastic reception at York and the Reebok at "The Housing, Innovation and Technology Roadshow" I hope to have more info about this soon ...

Proposed agenda for the next 'Fab Lab' meeting
(if you want to add to it, just send us an email or post a comment or say something at the MadLab meeting)

  • Ideas to justify funding for MadLab to acquire 3D printers and CAD enabled computers, and a training budget. 
  • How to make #3DPM self sustaining
  • Growing the #3DPM membership
  • Anything else?

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