Wednesday 16 April 2014

Meeting No 26 is at Fab Lab (April 17th 2014 6-9pm)

See Meetings & Events page for location details.

Two meetings in one week is a challenge, but lets see what happens :-)
Our meeting on Monday was, as usual, an excellent gathering and educationally worthwhile. We welcomed our newest pioneer James and our international fashionista Yvonne of who is visiting her family and old home town before returning to her new home in Abu Dhabi. Yvonne decided to pop in with Roger, to see our little gathering and be inspired with the potential 3D printing has to offer the fashion industry; our international connections are truly blossoming :-) Cormack was busy designing his cup holder and the guys from the South Manchester Radio and Computing Club where busy fixing their computers, Bill showed a lot promise as a future CAD professional when he took on the challenge to draw up a screw thread in sketchup; it was the plugin that conspired against his attempts, but hey its fun to have a challenge.

I have been asked to point out that 'Fab Lab' is a charity and commercial ventures are not allowed to be conducted on its premises. However, we are developing our new site in Farnworth and this will not be constrained; commercial ventures will be encouraged.

3D printing has a bright future when the infrastructure is in place to exploit it; let us hope Manchester gets organised soon, so we can catch up with the rest of the world :-)

 Image Courtesy of the Guardian
Image Courtesy of The Guardian

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